Certified Public Accountants & Business Development Consultants

Firm Profile

At Clark & Leucht, we want to help you build the business that you dreamed of when you first began the business. Our experience over forty years has taught us that there exists a significant hidden and unrealized potential for most businesses. With a mission to advance the competitive position of our clients by investing the resources necessary to ensure that what we do for clients makes what they do for their customers more valuable, we are committed to partnering together to realize the hidden potential of your business.

At Clark & Leucht, our approach to client relationships takes the form of a strategic partnership which redefines the CPA's traditional role from that of "scorekeeper" to "business coach." Our partnership commitment transcends the traditional technical expertise and financial acumen that clients have come to expect, to include an in-depth analysis of the fundamental success-drivers that govern your industry. Being fully committed to realizing the full potential of your business means working together to set long-range goals, designing a strategy for reaching those goals, developing a plan for executing the strategy, and establishing metrics to chart progress.

At Clark & Leucht, years of experience, advanced training, financial acumen, and major investments in the latest technology have converged with a partnership philosophy which makes our resources - and those available to us - available to you.  We serve a great number of small and medium size businesses and several hundred individuals.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we may be able to serve you.